Monday, October 20, 2014

Moving the Tiny House!

The wheels work!
The truck works! 
Pretty well, anyway.  It wasn't a huge fan of uphill acceleration.

We attempted to get comp and collision insurance but met so many roadblocks.  Everything was covered for liability...  and then doused in prayer. 

We chose a super early Saturday morning to move the Tiny House it's first 100 miles.  We officially left at 4:25am.  (Way after bar close and way before morning traffic.)

The roads were empty for the first half of our trip and got a little busier on the highway.  We were able to stay in one lane the entire trip, changing lanes only once to take the off ramp. 

The kids and I led the way.  Yes, we had our 6 and 4 year olds up and at 'em at 3:30!  They were so pumped and wanted to be included in this exciting job.  Of course!

Leading the #TinyHouse caravan at 3:45am. These guys stayed awake the whole time! So much excitement! ...for the kids, not the dog so much. :)

My job was to be the lookout and focus on the route.  Called if there was something ahead to be aware of.  Flashed the breaks like crazy to warn about sudden slowdowns and such.  I got a bit nervous when I saw a kitten on the side of the road.  Didn't want it jumping out to attack our precious load, ya know.  :) 

Ryan manned the Ford F250.  He did a great job!  Strong and Steady.  He wore a headset for hands-free communication.  Superman!  Towing the Tiny House!

Ryan's Dad, Jack, drove behind.  Watched, buffered, ready to communicate clearance for lane changes. We're so thankful for his early morning help and alertness! And for treating us to coffee and breakfast.  :)


Ryan backed it in, Jack guided.

We're here!  125 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes.  We drove really slowly, between 47 and 52 mph.  I'm proud of myself for keeping my cool.  :) 
We remembered the story about the turtle and the hare.   :)

The kids watched and cuddled to stay warm.  And I jumped up and down between pictures.

Isn't our parking spot beautiful!?

Lovely Tiny House, coolest journey ever, and safety.
Thank you God!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Tiny House Movement is SPREADING!

We have had the opportunity to share our experiences in so many ways! 

Late last night I found that we were on NIGHTLINE and we weren't even aware. 

It's so cool to be a part of this movement.  Sharing and inspiring.  Great people doing great things!  Normal, regular old people doing regular old things!  However you want to look at it.  :)

I can't get the video to embed right - so here's the link:

Here's the link to the Good Morning America video, too!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Heat! And Little Visitors

Confirmation!  The Kimberly Stove has been shipped and is on it's way! 

Once the stove is in the Tiny House will be headed to the rv campsite where we will be staying for the next year and we'll complete our last bit of moving in!


We've stayed for several weeks and we miss it!  (It's an hour North of our big house and the commute for Ryan is too much to be staying there. So we're using the time to prepare the big house to be sold.)  The kids are asking everyday, "Can we go to the Tiny House today, Mommy!?"

I'm just as anxious as they are. 

We experience so much more peace in the Tiny House and we're craving the simplicity. 

I'm excited to experience the warmth! 
I'm gearing up to rave about every detail with you! 

I'd take a better pic of the spot we're putting it in if we were there.  For now:
We're planning to put in between the end of the kitchen counter and the end of the bookshelves.  I'm basically pointing to the spot in the picture. The bookshelves may have to be shortened a few inches.

About this (blurry) pic!  We had little visitors!
Sully and Story's best friends, Taylor and Grayson, spent the whole day.  Ran around outside, ran around inside, climbed around the loft like it was a treehouse, played dress up, had a campfire. 
All the normal things normal kids do in normal sized houses.  Totally Normal!  

For story time we rolled Ryan's dresser/ottoman over to mine and created an L-Shaped Couch!  I mean...  THAT is the coolest.  

I loved having my dearest friend, Stacy, and her sweet kids in our home. 
No one bumped into, ran over, or sat on anybody else.  ;) 
We were all just happy to be together. 
Sully, Story, Taylor, and Grayson are planning a slumber party in the loft.  :)
Pictures and post to follow.  :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Would you like to watch our episode?

I recommend that you first check FYI's website.  If there's a play button icon, you're in luck!  If there's a key icon you'll need to enter you're cable provider to watch. I hope this free option works out for you! 

If it's locked and you don't have cable, there are still two pretty cheap options.
Remember to select Season 1, Episode 8: "207 Sq Ft Minnesota Prairie Cottage."

Amazon for $1.99

iTunes for $2.99  search Tiny House Nation

I hope you enjoy it!
...Let me know what you think! :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Uncle Pat! and our Tiny House Prayer

My Uncle Pat is the guy who built our Tiny House.  He did an amazing job!
Here he is, rocking out his first Tiny House, like a BOSS.

Uncle Pat is one of the best blessings of this whole project. 
Uncle Pat (who has always just been Pat up until the network people showed up.  Now he's forever Uncle Pat) really went all in and dedicated himself to our build.

Uncle Pat is a skilled builder who really cared about this project and showed how much he cares for us!  He put dormers across the whole roof when we were told we could only have one a dormer in the kids' loft!  He thought up the catwalk idea so Sully and Story would be safe in the middle of the night!  He advocated for our comfort and safety.  He dedicated so many hours on top of his already busy building schedule!  And he led an amazing group of men to build us a beautiful, sound home under a lot of pressure and in a really short amount of time.

We are so thankful for Uncle Pat.    THANK YOU UNCLE PAT!!!

And ya know what else is awesome?  He enjoyed it!
Yea!  I'm so glad this was a positive experience for everyone!
So if you're thinking about having a tiny house built contact Uncle Pat!  He's so psyched to build another he already ordered some trailers.  Oh, yes. 

Before the reality show opportunity showed up Ryan and I expected to be building the Tiny House ourselves.  I can tell you *with confidence* that it would not have been so awesome. 

But one part about that plan that I loved was that I was going to write Bible verses throughout the framing of the house!  I wanted to put God's Word in the walls, as part of the structure of our home! 

Early on, when I found out we would not be involved with the build, I realized that I wouldn't have the opportunity to work that in.  Which was okay, I was fine with finding another unique way to get some Bible verses in.

So when Uncle Pat was chosen as our builder (yea!), my Mom, knowing what I wanted, offered to write the Bible verses in for me!  YES!  I was so excited!

Mom, who always goes above and beyond, brought Bibles, Bible verse books, prayer books, and sharpie markers to the Tiny House and completely covered the frame!  Aunts JeanAnn, Gini, and Joni, cousins Allyssa, Marquee, Sarah, and Kayla, and Ryan's Mom, Gail, all wrote Bible verses within our Tiny House for us! 

Thank you Ladies! 
I love it SO MUCH! 

Mom took pictures of all the verses before they were hidden away by insulation and sheetrock.  I'll snag them soon and share a few more.
For now I have only one picture.

Here is the prayer my Mom wrote outside by the front door.

Isn't that just right? Amen! 
You can scroll back up to the picture of Uncle Pat to see where the prayer is. ^^^

I honestly feel that the Bible verses and prayers, along with the hands of all of the family and friends who helped build our home, greatly contributes to the sense of peace and joy we feel surrounded by in our Tiny House. 
It has an amazing energy.
It's completely lovely.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are you just crazy?

I shared how nervous I was.  I even told you my most embarrassing moment! 
Preparing myself -and you- for the worst. 
All for nothing!

I'm so relieved and happy with how the episode turned out! 
Everyone who watched, knowing the drama we anticipated, must think I'm totally crazy.  What was Kim so afraid of!

I'll just tell you they got pretty nosy concerning the master loft, I was really drilled on all of unconventional stuff we do, and we even had a villain.  (A totally made up one but the viewers wouldn't have known the reality.)

So much filming was focused on crazy stuff!  That didn't even get a nod in the episode.  And, MAN, I am so relieved!  PHEW!

Well, I suppose I'm not exactly thrilled with this:

WHY!?  !!!
We did this scene like 5 times!  There had to be a better clip!
I envision a room full of drunk-with-power editors, deviously laughing as they choose this shot of my distorted face.

...maybe that's a little overly dramatic. 

Okay, I'm glad.  This is the worst of it!  And I can laugh at it. 

And swear never to ever make this face again. 

I can live with that!

Oh, yes.  I told you they made me cry -- they did!  I was so stressed out I don't even recall what question they asked me when I started tearing up!  And they didn't use it.  Thank God!  It probably looked like it made no sense. 

At the end of the episode, the tears you saw were genuine ones. 
Not dramatic, crazy, what-in-the-world-is-happening? ones. 
Just grateful ones. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Say Cheese! Goodbye Stuff!

I miss my (tiny) house! 

We are all in Shakopee at the Big House (haha, that was fun) getting it ready to sell and the Tiny House is waiting for us and a new heater.  We’re praying that it turns out amazing!  There were some kinks with the heater originally purchased (it just won’t be able to keep up with the cold of a Minnesota winter) and we’re hoping, hoping, hoping! for a tiny wood burning stove!  I’m praying we’ll get it and I’ll tell you all about it!

So we’re back at the Big House until we can hitch up and move the Tiny one. 
And it is a MESS! 

During the little bit of time spent in the Tiny House, it became incredibly evident that the BEST PART of tiny living is clean up time and ease.  I love it! 

It doesn’t even compare.  In this big house I.Am.Swamped.  We don’t even have that much stuff anymore!  And yet, somehow, stuff is everywhere!  
As we pack/give/toss what remains, the last little decisions are getting a bit challenging.  It’s not your normal move where you can say, “Eh, just box it up and we’ll figure it out later.”  NOPE.  I have to figure it out now.

For some reason, letting go of a box of a thousand pencils is more challenging than giving up my wedding dress.  Actually, I think I’ve had that box of worthless pencils for longer than I’ve had the wedding dress!  Lol! 

My goal is to just say goodbye! 
And sometimes take picture.  I can fit thousands of pictures easier than I can fit thousands of pencils!

Goodbye pencils!
Goodbye bin of mismatched socks! 
Goodbye stack of magazines that I was planning on reading later!
Goodbye weird, old art!

Goodbye sweet vintage martini set that I won! Someone else can keep you on the shelf and hope you don't break! It's been fun!

Goodbye huge mess! 
Goodbye sweeping and mopping 1900 square feet! 
Goodbye boxes of stored stuff we'll never use!
Goodbye "just in case" junk! Like nylons!  Ha!  Adios!
Goodbye clutter! 
Goodbye mortgage! 
Goodbye property tax! 
Goodbye huge utility bills! 


Tiny House, we’ll reunite supersoon!